Friday, March 11, 2022

WCRAP #4 – Crispy Chicken

1993 - In this fourth and final episode, get ready to enjoy Barney, a trash can story, a scary Halloween party, the Sunny and Sticky political debate, the Bodge truck sale, Rapfest, a fast-food quiz, Charly moving to West Virginia, sad news, a multi-holiday celebration, and happy weather.

WCRAP #3 – Mister Speaker

1992 - In this penultimate episode, you will experience variety, Barney reading the news, beltway traffic, vacation recaps, Criscoman riding a cow, The Grey Poupon Game again, a trip to the Grand Canyon, and an angry guy with an opinion.

WCRAP #2 – No Wire Hangers

1992 - In this sophomore effort, you will find products that no one wants, The Grey Poupon Game, Little guy’s wife, Jack the Wack’s back-alley weather, disrupted traffic, the Criscoman crashing the studio, Rnald spelling words, Biff the pilot, Hanz and Franz playing golf, pizza, Dan’s scary story, and the preparation for the Grand Canyon.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

WCRAP #1 – Large Orange Drink

1991 - In this debut episode, you will find crappy commercials, Little Guy’s misadventures, wild theories, a crazy lady, dumb callers, a traffic report, the sebaceous Criscoman, an equality test, wacky news, and dangerous weather.